Sometimes I wake up with phrases in my mind. Haunting phrases that I have to find a character for and a story to bind. When I walk down the street and see a crack in the wall or a man in a huge coat, I think about the stories behind them. Where did the crack come from. What does the coat represent to the man – you can read his story here.

Like many other writers and possibly some of you reading this, I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a kid. I used to walk around narrating my actions and coming up with crazy flowery phrases that make me cringe today. I found comfort in the pages of novels. With a big mug of hot chocolate, arm chair against the radiator, I would live a thousand lives and see thousands of worlds and points of view.

The books I read and the love of reading instilled in me by my mother has shaped the person I am today. The empathy I feel for others, the stories I can see behind their eyes and the imagination and potential for adventure around every corner.

I want to bring that feeling to other readers the same way my favourite writers brought that feeling for me.

Follow me as a I navigate through the uncertain world of fiction writing, feel free to ask questions along the way, and if you’re a writer let me know – I love love having other writers to bounce ideas off, see their passion and learn about their writing.

2010 – current: member of the Writing Squad 

Formally just for writers residing in Yorkshire, The Writing Squad has now spread to other parts of the UK. It is a fantastic initiative and has introduced me to some of the most talented writers and poets I’ve ever met. It was through the Writing Squad and meeting David Gaffney that I discovered flash fiction and decided to share them online using this blog.

Projects I’ve worked on: 

2015: Won the TLC Bursary 

 I won the TLC Free Reads Bursary! Meaning I got my work read and critiqued by a professional editor, which was really useful and encouraging! You can read more here

2017: published in The Drabble 

My short story Breathless was lucky enough to be picked in April’s issue of The Drabble. The story was read by hundreds of people and 50 people gave it a like, which sounds small, but when all you want is to get other people to read your writing, it’s fantastic news! You can see it here 

 More updates coming soon 

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