Diamond thief short story by Dija Mulla fashoin fiction story

Diamond Thief – 30 second short story


I’m the diamond thief. Rocking and rolling from one easy store to the next. One smile and the keys are mine. One joke and the tills are empty. One quick story and the diamonds are gone. They frown. I smirk. They reach for the phone. I’m already gone.

Very short story about fashion

Thanks for stopping by and reading my stories! And thank you for all the comments, likes, and social media love. It means a lot :) This outfit is all about the smiles! It’s a very light outfit with the leather jacket giving it a bit of an edge. The shoes and the floaty skirt makes it the kind of outfit you can run, dance and steal diamonds unnoticed in ;) You might recognise the leather jacket from my previous fashion short story. I only have two leather jackets, this one’s from Topshop and I absolutely love it – I just love the sleeves!

White top from Topshop, skirt from Asos Petite, Jacket from Topshop, shoes from Asos, and I can’t remember where I got the sunglasses from – maybe New Look? Location: Richmond Park, London

Thanks for reading and if this is your first time, please check out my other short stories. And if you liked the style of this one, then read my other short story based on an outfit here.

Lots of love -D

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@proseandpose (Instagram)

2 thoughts on “Diamond Thief – 30 second short story

  1. Nidhi pawar says:

    Amazimg story. Loved the way you write stories amazing i was just mesmerized it. Why dont check my blog?😀
    It is also all about short stories and poems
    So why dont check out


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