Breathless on the roof – quick short story

Leather jacket with dress outfit fashion short story blog

We ran breathless to the roof. The wind whooshing around us.

The floor throbbed with dance music. It was night. We lent over the edge and laughed at the darkness. Gripping hands and giggling proud of the new place we’d found. Our little adventure. Bathroom mirror buddies.

I still have your lipstick.

WP_20150414_22_11_52_Pro (4) WP_20150414_22_11_52_Pro (3) brown dress and boots

Thanks for reading! I finally managed to write another fashion short story (those of you on Twitter will know I had a little bit of writer’s block with this one. I guess I just wanted it to be perfect). I love this outfit. It’s really cute and fun.

I struggled quite a lot with taking the photos. I don’t know how other fashion bloggers do it! I guess I have a lot to learn (and possibly a tripod to cobble together!).

Anyway let me know what you think in the comments below. If you’re too shy, just give my post a like, and most importantly share it.

Jacket from Topshop, dress from Uttam London (House of Fraser), leggings from Primark and shoes from Aldo.


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