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All of my free short stories and flash fiction pieces below will take you under 3 minutes to read. Feel free to have a good ol’ peruse and please let me know what you think of them so that I can improve my writing.

The stranger 3 minute short story silly deej

Our Town – 3 minute story about gentrification

Our Town

Hiss of samosas hitting the frying pan. Crackle from chips being wrapped. Vibrating boom from the record stall. This is our ends… Read More

Diamond Thief – 30 second short story

diamond thief short story 30 seconds quick flash

I’m the diamond thief. Rocking and rolling from one easy store to the next… Read More

Breathless – 1 minute story

fashion short story breathless flash fiction blog

We ran breathless to the roof. The wind whooshing around us. The floor throbbed with dance music. It was night… Read More

YOUR BILL, SIR – fashion short story

quick short story flash fiction prose and pose

Flitting between tube stops and taxis. I’m a girl you’ll only see once. You look up from your coffee. Flash of red shoes, a black spotty skirt, ‘Your bill sir’ you turn your head, I’m gone already… Read More

MY COAT – quick short story

my coat 3 minute short story flash fiction

I have this coat I wear. It’s heavy. Pulling me down. Holding it close I wander. Past the towns I once knew… Read More

GIRL IN FRONT – original short story

girl in front short story blog flash fiction

Queue moves forward. She drops her purse. I swoop down. Pick it up. She turns around. ‘Oh thank you!’ Big wide smile. Warms my soul…  Read More

At the Bus Stop – Super quick short story

short story about bus stop flash fiction proseandpose

Early morning waiting for a bus. Smell of shampoo still lingering. Eyes heavy with sleep.

Purple Coat Woman arrives at the bus stop… Read More

BFFs – cute short story

Short story bffs silly deej prose and pose 3 minute short story

The floor vibrates under my feet. The tube jerks. My hand slips and I stumble. Whirls of faces. My forehead bumps something hard. I look up. She looks up. Rubs her head, smiles silly and we both stand up…Read More

Para – experimental short story

Para 2 minute short story flash fiction proseandpose silly deej

3pm. Walking to the corner shop. Bread, milk, maybe something for dinner tonight. Cars driving past. Cars staring at him and his black leather jacket. Cars laughing cuz it didn’t suit him. He stumbled and the cars laughed even louder… Read More

Stranger: 3 minute short story

Stranger at the door short story three minute story proseandpose

Buzz of my alarm. It must be time to wake up. It’s the alarm that sounds like a phone ringing so it must be a weekday. The shower water’s going cold. I must only have half an hour left to leave the house. My neighbour slams his front door. I’ve only got about seven minutes to brush my hair. Read More

When I Close My Eyes: an original short story

short story blog when i close my eyes prose and pose silly deej

When I close my eyes I’m a rockstar. With a guitar in both hands. Held like it’s an extension of my own body. I strut and jive across the stage. Shake my shaggy hair and give the microphone a well deserved snog. The crowd cling for my feet, their eyes willing me to recognise them and wink at them. I raise an arm. One, two, one, two, three, four…Read More

One Wild Night: a fun short story

One Wild Night - 3 minute short story prose and pose short story blogger

One wild night, blinded by the moonlight, blinded by their passions, three young men darted across a field. The only way to distinguish the figures was to say the man in the lead wore a brimmed hat and one of the men, the man who ran slightly slower than the other two, looked to be carrying a bundle…Read More

Opening to a longer novel I’ve been working on for years!

Short story blog prose and pose 3 minute short stories

In my dream I was running. Running for the absolute joy of it. Running because I could run. Running because of the sheer excitement building up inside of me. I had never run this fast before and it made me manic… Read More

18 thoughts on “All Short Stories

  1. Janlle Evans says:

    I enjoyed “Girl in Front”, but I think that if you are going to have such a noticeable rhythm, then you must be truly mindful of the cadence. Otherwise, the reader gets distracted by trying to remain in an anticipated rhythm. I love “The Collector”,and thing your short story is a worthy homage.

    Liked by 1 person

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