Short story Girl in Front Dija Mulla

Girl in front – original short story

Queuing up to use cash machine at train station.

Girl in front. Long hair. Fruity perfume.

Tap tap tapping her feet.

Queue moves forward. She drops her purse. I swoop down. Pick it up. She turns around.

‘Oh thank you!’ Big wide smile. Warms my soul.

She turns around again.

And starts tap tap tapping her feet again.

My heart is racing. Skin burning.

Queue moves forward and it’s her turn to use cash machine.

She gets money out.

I get money out.

She goes to the platform.

I follow.

She is the one. My one true love.

The first person to smile at me in months. The first person to speak to me in months.

She must be thinking about me, as she climbs on the train. Sits down. Opens her book and begins to read.

I bet she’s not even reading. Day dreams about me replacing words on the page.

When she pulls out a phone. Starts tap tap tapping on it. I bet she’s telling all her friends about the great guy she just met.

I follow her all afternoon. When she pops to the pharmacy, meets her friends for coffee and goes to the hair dresser, I’m there too. In her mind and behind her. Watching.

Watching my one true love. Being truly lovely.

She’s walking along a road full of terraced houses. Pretty road. Smells like roses.

Stops outside one of the houses.

Turns around.

Looks at me.

Brown eyes pierce my heart.

‘STOP following me!’

She pushes the door open and the slam echoes all over the street.

I stay. My insides warming. Head light.

Make a note of her house number.

My one true love.

I’ll watch you forever.

 Short story by Dija Mulla about being followed

Thanks you for reading! This short story was inspired by the book The Collector by John Fowles.
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BFFs – cute short story


The floor vibrates under my feet. The tube jerks. My hand slips and I stumble. Whirls of faces.

My forehead bumps something hard.

I look up. She looks up.

Rubs her head, smiles silly and we both stand up.

She looks away. Strangers again.

She’s wearing a suit. Nice. It suits her. I smile at my own pun. Smile at the idea that maybe one day she’ll hear it.

She checks her phone. No signal down here silly, we’re underground. I want to say to her.

She tuts with her perfect mouth. She must be running late. Poor thing. That’s just British transport sweety, you can never rely on it. I say to her. In my head.

The tube jerks again. This time both of us are ready. We catch eyes and she smiles again.

The doors swing open and she teeters out with perfect black heels.

The tube moves on.

Where did you get those shoes? I want to ask her. I can never find black heels I like, but yours, well, they’re absolutely perfect.

Maybe next time you’re around, she’ll say, we can shop for them together. Maybe check out the sales.

Hmm let me check my calendar I’ll say. My heart beating fast. Knowing it’s empty anyway.

Oh, I’ll say, I’m not free tomorrow but maybe Saturday?

Great, she’ll say, see you then, she’ll say. We’ll go out afterwards. It’ll be fun. She’ll say.

And just like that we’ll be BFFs. That’s what she’ll call us. It’s a little lame for me, but it’ll sound nice when she says it.

The tube doors slide open. More violently this time. I get out.

Footsteps echoing.

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Girl reading book

This 2015 you should read more books


If you’re thinking of making any New Year’s Resolutions this year, reading more should definitely be one of them.

Studies show that reading vastly improves your cognitive function, your social interactions and your ability to learn.

But Deej! I won’t have time to read! I hear you cry.

Reading is time consuming, I’ll give you that. And it is a somewhat personal hobby. It’s not like watching a TV show, which you can watch with a load of people all at once.

And in today’s world wind culture of working over time, gym, cooking your own food, binge watching and checking all your social media profiles, sleeping etc spare time really is precious.

Here are some ways you can fit reading into your busy lifestyle:

Carry a book with you at all times.

That way, whenever you have some spare time (like sitting on the train, waiting in a queue, or your lunch break) you can whip your book out to kill time and look highly cultured doing it!

Get a Kindle app/ other reading app

Same thing again but you’ll have more reading choice. Let’s face it we all use our phones to avoid looking awkward. And sometimes it can be challenging when you have no internet connection (like on the tube) and that’s where the kindle app really shines! You don’t need internet to read an ebook – which has saved me on many 4 hour long train journeys with no internet! Ebooks are also generally cheaper than physical books, so it’ll save you some dollar as well! :)

Get hooked

Find a really good book that will get you well and truly hooked. I always find that whenever I’m reading a book I get really really into, I’ll make time for it. I’ll plan my lunch break and evenings around my book, because I need to know what happens next!

You can check out book recommendations online, ask friends what books took over their lives, or even head over to your local library to find good books.

My top tip for finding a good book is to read the first page before you buy it/ borrow it. It’ll give you a feel for the writer’s style and if it makes you want to turn the page and read on then you know it’s the book for you.

Learn about the benefits of reading for positive reinforcement

Sometimes I pick reading over other past times (like going on Facebook, watching TV shows. Why? Because I know it’s good for me. And doing things that are good for me makes me feel good. Like when I eat fruit or a healthy meal, I feel a triumphant smile creeping on my face because I know the food I just ate is doing some good. Do the same with reading.

Reading is so good for you! This 2015 make reading your top priority!

Reading helps with stress relief and mental health

Research by the University of Sussex found that reading was the most effective way to relieve stress, better than listening to music, having a cuppa or taking a walk.  Reading a good book or interesting article (like this one wink wink!) can help distract you from your worries and help ease tension.

Here’s a comment by one of the researchers Dr. David Lewis as reported in The Telegraph:

‘It really doesn’t matter what book you read, by losing yourself in a thoroughly engrossing book you can escape from the worries and stresses of the everyday world and spend a while exploring the domain of the author’s imagination.’

Whilst reading fiction can help you escape your worries and transport you into the mind of someone else, reading self-help books can actually help improve mental health and therapists are actually recommending them to their patients!

Reading can also make you more comfortable with ambiguity. According to some researchers, a heightened need for closure can be a bad thing. It can impede your rationality and your creativity. It can make you struggle with ambiguous situations and can make you quite narrow minded.  Researchers found that those who read more fiction are more comfortable with uncertainty and chaos – which are attitudes known to allow higher level thinking and greater creativity. Sources: Research by the University of Toronto and summary of the research by Refine the Mind.

Reading improves your emotional intelligence

A study by two psychologists from the New School of Research in New York found that reading literary fiction helps you to detect and understand the emotions of your friends and family, which in turn can help improve your relationships with them.

Recognising and learning to deal with different emotions is becoming more and more important in the workplace. According to business magazine Forbes, 90% of top performers have high emotional IQs and people who can control their emotions and who are more receptive of others around them also earn more money on average than people who weren’t as receptive.

Reading makes you cleverer and your brain sharper

Research by Cunningham and Stanovich has shown that reading helps you spot patterns quicker giving your analytical skills a nice boost.

According to Life Hack, reading helps you build vocabulary as you’re seeing unfamiliar words in context. It helps you learn new things about the world. Good books are well researched on the topics that they are about and reading them can in turn teach you about those topics in a more entertaining way than simply reading an encyclopaedia. Reading can also improve your memory, as you’re forced to remember a whole load of names, places, rules about magic, fantasy worlds etc.  And finally writing can help improve your writing.

One of my English teachers at school was dyslexic. I know right? He used to hate school, had no interest in learning and was always placed at the bottom of the class because of his undiagnosed dyslexia. However that all changed when he discovered poetry. He fell in love with it and it introduced him to fiction books and he became a massive bookwork, a by-product of this was that his overall learning improved in other aspects of his school life. So much so that he did really well in school, graduated and became an English teacher.

Whether you struggle with reading or even if you’re recently learning English (or another language), reading books will change your life.

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Stupidly Hilarious Harry Potter Quotes

Here are some of the most cry with laughter moments from the Harry Potter Series. Copy, Paste, Enjoy. And comment with your favourite.

You know how to drive, I take it?” [Dedalus] asked Uncle Vernon politely.
“Know how to – ? Of course I ruddy well know how to drive!” spluttered Uncle Vernon.
“Very clever of you sir, very clever, I personally would be utterly bamboozled by all those buttons and knobs,” said Dedalus.
He was clearly under the impression that he was flattering Vernon Dursley, who was visibly losing confidence in the plan with every word Dedalus spoke.


“Do I look stupid?” snarled Uncle Vernon, a bit of fried egg dangling from his bushy mustache.


Mrs. Weasley let out a shriek just like Hermione’s.
“I don’t believe it! Oh, Ron, how wonderful! A prefect! That’s everyone in the family!”
“What are Fred and I, next-door neighbours?” said George indignantly, as his mother pushed him aside and flung her arms around her youngest son.


Why Are You Worrying about You-Know-Who?
You SHOULD Be Worrying About
the Constipation Sensation That’s Gripping the Nation!


We tried to shut him in a pyramid, but Mum spotted us.”


“It’s lucky it’s dark…I haven’t blushed so much since Madame Pomfrey told me she liked my new earmuffs.”


“Where is Wood?” said Harry, suddenly realizing he wasn’t there.
“Still in the showers,” said Fred. “We think he’s trying to drown himself.”


“Yeah, someone might slip dragon dung in it again, eh, Perce?” said Fred. “That was a sample of fertilizer from Norway!” said Percy, going very red in the face. “It was nothing personal!”
“It was,” Fred whispered to Harry as they got up from the table. “We sent it.”


“Mad-Eye Moody?” said George thoughtfully, spreading marmalade on his toast. “Isn’t he that nutter–”
“Your father thinks very highly of Mad-Eye Moody,” said Mrs. Weasley sternly.
“Yeah, well, Dad collects plugs, doesn’t he?” said Fred quietly as Mrs. Weasley left the room.


“Don’t be prat, Neville, that’s illegal,” said George. “They wouldn’t use the Cruciatus Curse on the champions. I thought it sounded a bit like Percy singing… maybe you’ve got to attack him while he’s in the shower, Harry.”


Ron was staring at Pettigrew with the utmost revulsion.
“I let you sleep in my bed!” he said


(Harry just been greeted by Percy…) “Harry!” said Fred, elbowing Percy out of the way and bowing deeply. “Simply splendid to see you, old boy-” “Marvelous,” said George, pushing Fred aside and seizing Harry’s hand in turn. “Absolutely spiffing.” Percy scowled. “That’s enough, now,” said Mrs. Weasley. “Mum!” said Fred as though he’d only just spotted her and seized her hand too. “How really corking to see you-“


“Percy wouldn’t recognize a joke if it danced naked in front of him wearing Dobby’s tea cozy.”


Moaning Myrtle: “Peeves upset me so much that I came in here and tried to kill myself. Then, of course, I remembered that I’m — that I’m–”
“Already dead?”


Lee Jordan was finding it difficult not to take sides.
“So–after that obvious and disgusting bit of cheating–”
“Jordan!” growled Professor McGonagall.
“I mean, after that open and revolting foul–”
“Jordan, I’m warning you–”
“All right, all right. Flint nearly kills the Gryffindor Seeker, which could happen to anyone, I’m sure…”


“Mistletoe,” said Luna dreamily, pointing at a large clumb of white berries placed over Harry’s head. He jumped out from under it. “Good thinking,” said Luna seriously. “It’s often infested with nargles.”


“I’ll look for him later, I expect I’ll find him upstairs crying his eyes out over my mother’s old bloomers or something…Of course, he might have crawled up into the airing cupboard and died…But I mustn’t get my hopes up…”


One of them was a very old wizard who was wearing a long flowery nightgown. The other was clearly a Ministry wizard; he was holding out a pair of pinstriped trousers and almost crying with exasperation.
“Just put them on, Archie, there’s a good chap. You can’t walk around like that, the Muggle at the gate’s already getting suspicious–”
“I bought this in a Muggle shop,” said the old wizard stubbornly. “Muggles wear them.”
“Muggle women wear them, Archie, not the men, they wear these,” said the Ministry wizard, and he brandished the pinstriped trousers.
“I’m not putting them on,” said old Archie in indignation. “I like a healthy breeze ’round my privates, thanks.”

Somewhere in the distance they could hear Peeves zooming through the corridors singing a victory song of his own composition:

We did it, we bashed them, wee Potter’s the one, And Voldy’s gone moldy, so now let’s have fun!

“Really gives a feeling for the scope and tragedy of the thing, doesn’t it?” said Ron.


Ron: “Sure you’re not thinking of Gorgovitch?”
Harry: “Who?”
“Dragomir Gorgovitch, Chaser, transferred to the Chudley Cannons for a record fee two years ago. Record holder for most Quaffle drops in a season.”
“No,” said Harry. “I’m definitely not thinking of Gorgovitch.
“I try not to either,” said Ron.


The sooner this wedding’s over the happier I’ll be.” [Ron]
“Yeah” said Harry, “then we’ll have nothing to do except find Horcruxes….It’ll be like a holiday, won’t it?”


“I was awake half the night thinking it all over, and I believe it’s a plot to get the house.”
“The house?” repeated Harry. “What house?”
“This house!” shrieked Uncle Vernon, the vein in his forehead starting to pulse. “Our house! House prices are skyrocketing around here! You want us out of the way and then you’re going to do a bit of hocus-pocus and before we know it the deeds will be in your name and—“
“Are you out of your mind?” demanded Harry. “A plot to get this house? Are you actually as stupid as you look?”


“Not this brave at night, are you?” sneered Dudley.
“This is night, Diddykins. That’s what we call it when it goes all dark like this.”


“…Little Ronnie, a prefect…Oh, I’m all of a dither!” She [Mrs. Weasley] gave Ron yet another kiss on the cheek, sniffed loudly, and bustled from the room Fred and George exchanged looks.
“You don’t mind if we don’t kiss you, do you, Ron?” said Fred in a falsely anxious voice.
“We could curtsy, if you like,” said George.


“Who’s Kreacher?”
“The house-elf who lives here,” said Ron. “Nutter. Never met one like him.”
“He is not a nutter,” said Hermione.
“His life’s ambition is to have his head cut off and stuck up on a plaque like his mother,” said Ron. “Is that normal, Hermione?”


Don’t be prat, Neville, that’s illegal,” said George. “They wouldn’t use the Cruciatus Curse on the champions. I thought it sounded a bit like Percy singing… maybe you’ve got to attack him while he’s in the shower, Harry.”


“Enjoying it?” said Ron darkly. “I don’t reckon he’d come home if Dad didn’t make him. He’s obsessed. Just don’t get him onto the subject of his boss. ‘According to Mr. Crouch…as I was saying to Mr. Crouch…Mr. Crouch is of the opinion…Mr. Crouch was telling me…’ They’ll be announcing their engagement any day now.”


Ron: “Who’re you going with then?”
Fred: “Angelina.”
Ron: “What? You’ve already asked her?”
Fred: “Good point. Oi, Angelina! Want to come to the ball with me?”


Ron: “I could’ve taken those mer-idiots any time I wanted.”
Hermione: “What were you going to do, snore at them?”


An excellent point,” said Professor Dumbledore. “My own brother, Aberforth, was prosecuted for practicing inappropriate charms on a goat. It was all over the papers, but did Aberforth hide? No, he did not! He held his head high and went about his business as usual! Of course, I’m not entirely sure he can read, so that may not have been bravery…”


Well, we were always going to fail that one,” said Ron gloomily as they ascended the marble staircase. He had just made Harry feel rather better by telling him how he told the examiner in detail about the ugly man with a wart on his nose in the crystal ball, only to look up an realize he had been describing the examiner’s reflection.


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Harry Potter Spoof

14 Year Old Me’s Version of Harry Potter

OKay so when I was younger I wrote a comical alternate ending to the harry potter stories (I love them so much!) and I recently found it again…

harry potter funny

image from deviant art

 An alternate ending

Harry left the elder wand in Dumbledore’s office and headed back to the Great hall to check on his fellows and to be with Ginny.
He entered the great hall and looked through the crowds for Ginny. Harry saw Hermione embracing Victor Krum whilst Ron stared at them moodily.
To his enormous surprise, Ginny seemed to be a little too close to Draco; they were cuddling and stroking each other’s hair.
“Oi, Draco, get off my bird,” Harry yelled.
“Who says I’m your bird?” Ginny scowled.
“What?” Harry asked puzzled.
“Do you actually think I would marry you? I don’t want my kids to look like you!” Ginny exclaimed.
Harry felt like his world had just ended, a giant crab clamped his heart and he found it difficult to breath. Ginny and Draco were now snogging. He turned away and felt his wand fly out of his hand and noticed one of the hairy death-eaters had gone rigid. His hair disappeared and he was losing weight quickly. His big stupid eyes shrank until they were narrow red slits. His pink face turned paper white. Voldemort grinned up at Harry.
“No!” Harry cried.
“Yes, Harry, polyjuice potion,” Voldemort said smiling, “did you think it was that easy to kill Lord Voldemort, people died for you today Potter, and many especially the oaf Goyle died for me”.
“What so I killed Goyle’s dad?” Harry asked bewildered.
Voldemort nodded, “Poor Bella she loved the oaf and now their child is an orphan”, he said happily.
“Now Harry”, Voldemort said raising the elder wand, “prepare to die in the hands of Lord Voldemort with the elder wand”.
“NO!” Harry said angrily.
“Shouldn’t have left it hanging around mate,” Voldemort advised him coldly.
Harry thought quickly, he had no wand and Voldemort had two, he started panicking then an idea hit him. He reached into his robe pocket and pulled out a pistol and pointed it at Voldemort. Who laughed and waved it away with a flick of his wand.
Harry took out a knife but Voldemort waved that away too. He took out an axe, a dagger, a rocket launcher, a bomb, a banana but Voldemort waved all those away too.
“You cannot defeat me with your muggle contraptions, Harry”
Harry took out one last thing, a crumple-horned snorkak and waved it at Lord Voldemort’s face.
A puff of yellow smoke and Voldemort screamed with pain.
The smoke cleared and Voldemort had the brightest and sleekest ginger hair growing from his baldhead.
Voldemort took out a mirror and peered into it, “I’m ugly!” he sobbed then looked angrily at Harry, “You will pay for this Harry!” he shouted.
Harry tried hard not to laugh; it would not be appropriate as he was just about to die.
“But how did you get the wand?” Harry asked.
“Your mud-blood friend brought it to me in exchange for Krum’s life,” Voldemort said twiddling the elder wand in his waxen fingers.
“What did you do that for?” Harry demanded, turning to face Hermione.
“You didn’t think I was going to marry Ron did you, Krum’s an international Quidditch player!” Hermione declared.
“But Ron’s gorgeous!” Harry exclaimed blushing heavily.
Ron turned to face Harry with a look of alarm and lust.
“Expelliarmus!” someone shouted.
The two wands Voldemort had been holding soared through the air and landed in Neville’s hands.
Neville raised the elder wand and pointed it to Voldemort’s chest and bellowed the killing curse. Voldemort fell to the floor dead.
“I killed him!” Neville shouted happily.
“Way to steal my glory Nev,” Harry muttered.
“I hate you Harry,” Neville spat.
“What?” Harry asked confused.
“You deaf as well as stupid?” Neville teased nastily.
He pointed the elder wand at Harry who backed away nervously.
“Did you really mean that?” Ron asked him, “about me being gorgeous?”
Harry nodded his face feeling hot.
Neville opened his mouth to say the killing curse but he was interrupted by a deafening crash.
Dija stood up and dusted her jeans.
“I’ve come to save you Harry,” she said brightly.
Neville turned to her, looked at her distastefully and spoke,
“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Dija, the writer of this spoof!” he waved his wand and Dija turned into a three legged stool.
Neville turned to Harry.
“Why do you hate me Neville?” Harry asked, he was feeling slightly more cheerful, he had always hated the writer, Dija.
“Your English accent!” Neville explained, “I hate it!”
“B-but that’s the actor who plays me Nev, not me!” Harry said defensively. This was getting ridiculous!
“Because of you loads of people died, like Colin, and you hated Colin, not to mention Snape,” Neville cried.
He waved his wand and yelled, “avarda kadavra”, Harry fell to the floor in a crumpled heap, dead. There were gasps throughout the hall and then cheers. A few wizards waved their wands and party streamers and heavy rap music burst into the hall.
“I did it gran!” Neville said happily. His Gran hugged him tightly.
Neville waved his wand the music died down. Everyone looked up at him.
“From now on, you shall refer to me as Lord Neville, at least until I think of something better”.


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