Breathless on the roof – quick short story

Leather jacket with dress outfit fashion short story blog

We ran breathless to the roof. The wind whooshing around us.

The floor throbbed with dance music. It was night. We lent over the edge and laughed at the darkness. Gripping hands and giggling proud of the new place we’d found. Our little adventure. Bathroom mirror buddies.

I still have your lipstick.

WP_20150414_22_11_52_Pro (4) WP_20150414_22_11_52_Pro (3) brown dress and boots

Thanks for reading! I finally managed to write another short story (those of you on Twitter will know I had a little bit of writer’s block with this one. I guess I just wanted it to be perfect). I love this outfit. It’s really cute and fun.

WP_20150414_22_12_23_Pro (3)

I struggled quite a lot with taking the photos. I don’t know how other fashion bloggers do it! I guess I have a lot to learn (and possibly a tripod to cobble together!).

Anyway let me know what you think in the comments below. If you’re too shy, just give my post a like, and most importantly share it.

Jacket from Topshop, dress from Uttam London (House of Fraser), leggings from Primark and shoes from Aldo.


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3 minute short story fashion fiction

Your Bill Sir – 3 minute short story

3 minute short story fashion fiction

Flitting between tube stops and taxis. I’m a girl you’ll only see once. You look up from your coffee. Flash of red shoes, a black spotty skirt, ‘Your bill sir’ you turn your head, I’m gone already.

I’m in disguise. On the run if you will. Pistol in my handbag.  Blare of sirens behind me. Click. I open my bag. Slip on my glasses. Good job it’s sunny. They’re coming towards me. I stop, heart beating. Voices on their radio. ‘Excuse me miss.’ They walk past.

I breath out. Smile smug. Buy a paper. Hide behind it. I’ll never get caught.

3 minute short story fashion fiction

Thanks for reading. This is my new project. I’m trying to link fashion with fiction. This idea came to me whilst I was getting dressed one day, and I realised that I was basing a story on the outfit I wanted to wear. Almost like playing dress-up.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. Top and handbag from Tkmaxx, skirt from Cow, tights from h&m and shoes from Marks and Spencer’s.


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My Coat – quick short story

I have this coat I wear. It’s heavy. Pulling me down.

Holding it close I wander. Past the towns I once knew. Size fives grow to tens.

The walls that heard everything.

And the people that reflected my whole soul.

The silly games we shared. The pockets we filled. The meals, the shoulders, the hands held tight.

The air after I left tasted sweeter. Full of opportunity that I lapped up.

My coat grew lighter and I held my arms out as I flew. Pulling and grabbing everything.

Head spinning with the new world I spun.

Returning hurts.  The air still. Bitter. Tasting of sour pillowcases and snapping sweets in half.

I feel dense. Pockets too heavy for this old life.

Where all time stands still except mine.


My Coat - quick short story by Dija Mulla

Thanks for reading! This piece was inspired by a writing trip I went on with The Writing Squad. We explored the idea of gentrification in London. I wrote this piece back in November last year but so much has happened since then – I got a new job in a new industry and so I just haven’t had time to come back to this blog.

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